Katharine Aarrestad : Visual Artist
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What do we experience when we view nostalgic images in another context?

My work focuses upon the translation of meaning through different points in time. While the visual subject matter is drawn from the past, the experience is very much of the present, viewing 'lost' images. Images are taken to a place of deviancy which they had not hitherto inhabited, filtered through the experience of the 21st century viewer.

I endeavour to explore the spaces, tensions, relationships between the viewer, the image and the narrative. Juxtaposition of images and titles are used to 'open up' this experience and to delve deeper. Often - replacing visual context of the background with the possibilities of an alternative narrative which may or may not be stimulated by the title / text.

Symbolically, this obscure vision of reality is encapsulated in the medium of the work, reverse painting on glass.